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Treasure Mills Inc.,

Committed to Nutrition First in healthy snack foods

We’re dedicated to providing delicious and healthy snack foods. Not just for kids but for the whole family, including those with allergen sensitivities. Treasure Mills proudly manufactures health-conscious baked goods, operating in a nut- and peanut- free facility with over 30,000 sq. ft. of production space.

Our team knows that only the finest ingredients make the best tasting products. So we use natural ingredients. We screen for allergens. And we don’t use any artificial flavors or colors in any of our products.

Treasure Mills’ School Safe® snack foods are safe for kids schools, a healthy snack too. But they’re also conveniently packaged. So your kids will love finding them in their lunches but you’ll also love them any time you’re on the go.

Your Treasure Mills team is always working on innovative product ideas. We’re dedicated to working with retail and other customer partners. We also provide customized products for many of the market leading retailers, food service operators, and fundraising companies in both Canada and the United States.

Allergen Policy

We warrant that the School Safe® products manufactured by Treasure Mills Inc. are “peanut-free”, “tree nut-free” and “dairy-free” as defined by policies and procedures in place at our facility.

Nuts, peanuts and tree nuts are not purchased by Treasure Mills and are not an ingredient of any product manufactured by Treasure Mills.

Milk and dairy products are not ingredients of any product manufactured by Treasure Mills.

Nuts, peanuts and tree nuts are strictly prohibited to enter into our facility.

The approved supplier program includes addressing allergens from supplier allergen disclosures, and assessments of allergen risk.

Allergen handling procedure is designed and implemented to prevent any cross contamination from receiving to shipping, storage and any manufacturing processes.

Allergen training is part of GMP training. GMP training is conducted for orientation and at a minimum once a year. Employees are fully trained on proper handling of allergens and the risk of allergen cross-contamination.

Employees are not allowed to bring in any food that contains peanuts, nuts or peanut/nut derived products; the same policy extends to our visitors and contractors.

Validation of the absence of peanuts/tree nuts is conduct periodically to confirm the “Peanut-Free” and Tree nut – Free” status.