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WOWBUTTER is the only product that can take the place of peanut butter in any peanut free establishment because it’s so smooth, creamy and incredibly delicious - it tastes just like peanut butter!

Our innovative WOWBUTTER was designed and developed to protect the millions of kids and adults who suffer from life threatening peanut and tree nut allergies. More specifically, it was developed to nourish the hundreds of millions of non-allergic school kids and consumers that need healthy food solutions.

Socially Responsible Schools, Camps, Day Cares, Hospitals and Restaurants are banning Peanuts & Peanut Butter due to the high risk to allergic consumers. Our WOWBUTTER is the only true perfect Safe-For-School peanut butter replacement that is fast becoming a new food staple for many.

WOWBUTTER solves the difficult problems that have risen from the necessary peanut free policies implemented by many establishments. It is the ONLY available product that has all the necessary components of taste, texture and nutrition to replace peanut butter and it is credited the same as peanut butter for USA Child & Adult Food Programs when used as a meat alternative.

Most importantly, Lunch providers no longer have to struggle with what to serve in place of the well loved peanut butter. Many do not like sandwich meats, which results in limited options for lunches. Providers can feel good about serving WOWBUTTER because they are providing a nutritious lunch while keeping kids safe, happy and nourished!

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We are a dedicated company and facility only producing WOWBUTTER. Soy is the only allergen that we have in our facility.