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Homefree®, LLC is the maker of cookies that are delicious and wholesome for everyone, and that also make it easy to provide for the many people with special diets including peanut/nut free, vegan, and gluten free.

Why Homefree?

• They're Delicious! - 73% of customers chose Homefree over the leading Conventional brand in a taste test.

• Award Winning - The Good Housekeeping Research Institute named ours “Best Gluten Free Cookies.”

• Allergy Friendly/Gluten-Free - Made in our dedicated bakery with the highest standards.

• Healthy & Inclusive - Whole grain and quality ingredients. Just about everyone can enjoy our treats.

• Socially Conscious - We are a certified B Corporation and it’s important to us to manufacture responsibly and to make a difference in the world.

Treats you can Trust! Every part of our Homefree process is with allergen and gluten-related safety in mind.

• OUR FACILITY is a dedicated facility, rather than using co-packers. which gives us full control over

allergen and gluten-related safet.

• OUR INGREDIENTS are carefully sourced and additionally randomly tested.

• OUR STAFF is well trained on keeping allergens& gluten out of our facility.


• Peanut & Tree Nut Free (including no coconut)

• Egg & Dairy Free

• Wheat & Gluten Free

• Fish & Shellfish Free

• Soy Free(except soy lecithin, which is considered fine for most people with soy allergies, and is only in the Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies. For more info visit homefreetreats.com/faq/)

• No sesame, pumpkin, flax, or sunflower seeds (except sunflower lecithin)

• No rice, potato, or legumes

• Lemon Burst & Holiday Sugar Cookies are also corn free! (for details about other Homefree products

with regard to corn, visit homefreetreats.com/faq/)

We’re proudly Safe Quality Food (SQF) Level 3 Certified for our exceptional food quality and safety standards. We hope you will be as comfortable eating from our kitchen as you are from your own!

Allergen Policy

Homefree bakes and packages all its products in its own dedicated facility free of gluten and free of the 14 most common food allergens (except soy lecithin in the Chocolate Chip Mini Cookies only). Staff wear special uniforms (washed in house!) and facility shoes and cannot bring allergens into any part of the facility. With the highest commitment to product integrity, Homefree sources its ingredients with great care and additionally conducts allergen testing on ingredients and random product batches.

Satisfaction Policy

Homefree guarantees all products for customer satisfaction.